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The Battle of Vittorio Veneto started on the 24th October 1918 on Monte Grappa. On the night of the 27th October the battle moved to the Piave River, and the passage occurred in 3 main points, the French crossed to the north between Pederobba and Valdobbiadene, the Italians from the Montello and the British at the Grave di Papadopoli.
The battle was terrible, 125,000 soldiers were either killed or wounded.
The Passage of the Piave was slow, fighting and moving from trench to trench, house to house, until the Austro-Hungarian artillery exhausted was forced to retreat and the Allies advanced with vigor. On the 4th November the troops arrived in Vittorio Veneto and the First World War on the Italain front came to an end with the signing of the Armistice.