Dal Col Castello alla Roggia

Comune di Vidor

The Vidor Council area found itself occupied by the Italian troops after Caporetto. On the 10th November 1917 the few troops that were still on the left bank of the Piave River, defended the bridgehead, the ‘Alpini’ stood firm in their trenches and the ‘Arditi’ carried out counter attacks that inflicted serious losses to the Germans. By evening of that same day, the Italians had run out of ammunition and had received word to retreat to the right bank of the Piave. From that moment on the Council was forced to evacuate, the citizens had to abandon their homes and land. They had no other option, as their homes were now in the front line and they were forced to move from town to town, begging for food and shelter along the way. The situation was so drastic that 200 of the 1,500 inhabitants of Vidor perished due to lack of food and basic necessities.
( D.Ceschin)